About Us

  • We are a group of aquarium and nature lovers.
  • We are into fish keeping for many years
  • We are inspired by legendary aquarist Mr. Takashi Amano
  • We started “Naturecube” in 2010 to promote not only Nature Aquarium but all other aquarium forms
  • We believe in ethical fish keeping powered by state of art aquarium technologies

We deal with market leading aquarium products


  • We specialize in aquascaping
  • Provide customized aquarium design consultancy for all aquarium from Goldfish to Chichlid
  • Distribute ADA Nature Aquarium goods, plants and specialized shrimp products
  • We design aquarium furniture
  • Provide skilled manpower for aquarium maintenance
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Nature Cube


We only provide items that our experts have tried, tested and tried again, so you can have complete confidence that everything we offer does exactly what it claims to. We are run by aquarium enthusiasts and we would like to promote the beautiful hobby of fish keeping. We promote ethical fish keeping. We are professionally managed and give our best to meet our cutomer’s demands.


We constitute one of the biggest distribution networks covering more than 100 retail outlets (LFS) in Eastern India further reaching out to the International Markets of Bangladesh and Nepal. On the lines of traditional FMCG business, we are the first to introduce a sales force network to go and directly serve the outlets there by having a better market representation of our.



30 B/3 Sarat Ghosh Garden Road Dhakuria, Kolkata - 700031


+91 9830086975